Expectations for the new Stadhuisplein design in Eindhoven

aerial view of architect's model for the Stadhuispleain area Picture credit: Gemeente Eindhoven

The first plans for the new Stadhuisplein were announced on Wednesday evening. There will be two towers of 105 meters on the west and east sides of the square; in addition, there will be towers with a maximum of 70 meters. Furthermore, the first floors of other buildings will be provided with roof terraces with a view of the new square. There is room for more than 1200 homes.

The municipality has wanted the square to be renovated for years, because it is now a grey, bare and uninviting place. At the same time, the idea is that many more homes can be added at this location. Earlier plans assumed 1000 homes. Studies have now shown that potentially more than 1200 homes can be built. It is expected that the housing program will be presented next spring with the sketch designs of the building plans. The city council indicates that the affordability of the homes and good associated facilities are important.

There are currently many problems in housing construction and the Board is taking this into account. The most important lesson from the previous construction crisis is to continue developing plans even in times of stagnation in construction, so that implementation can start immediately as soon as the market picks up again. city ​​Council.

Location Moleneind 

In addition to Stadhuisplein, the possibility of redeveloping the Moleneind location is also being examined. This concerns the area between Oude Stadsgracht, Stratumseind ​​and Dommel, including the Designhuis. According to the city council, this plan will improve the environment, a better connection to the Dommel, a new future for the Designhuis and an opportunity to build new homes. Whether this redevelopment will actually be carried out must first be further investigated.

Public space 

The municipality wants to implement a number of major changes at Stadhuisplein. For example, there is a desire to install a heat network for geothermal energy. In addition, the square must become greener; new trees will be planted.

In the short term, the Begijnenhof on the side of the church will also become green. The reason for this is to reduce the nuisance caused by people urinating in public at the Stratumseind ​​in this corner. Discussions have also been held with Q-Park about the possibilities of moving the entrance. The final choice will follow later when the design studies are complete.

Town Hall Square 2035

It’ll take several years to realise the metamorphosis of the square. The municipality will ask four external parties to draw up a vision for the public space of Stadhuisplein in 2035. With the visions, the municipality wants to gain a better view of what Stadhuisplein should look like in 2035. The municipality expects to present the first ideas to the city in the spring of next year.

The municipality invites residents to come up with ideas for the approach to the area.


Source: Studio040

For Eindhoven News: Lila Mehrez

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