Eindhoven Airport to offer lower rates to cleaner and quieter aircraft

Eindhoven Airport Photo credit: OmroepBrabant archive/Karin Kamp

Eindhoven Airport offers reduced rates to airlines if they use the latest aircraft that are quieter and less polluting. The arrangement will take effect from the 1st April next year, the airport announced on Tuesday.

Daytime flights will also become cheaper than early morning or late evening flights. The airport hopes to reduce noise pollution for residents and to reduce emissions.

The new approach, according to Eindhoven Airport, will encourage airlines to renew their fleet in such a way that quieter and cleaner aircraft can be flown to and from Eindhoven. The airport also wants to ensure that flights take place at times when residents are less likely to be bothered by the noise.

The measures fit in with an earlier promise by Eindhoven Airport to reduce noise pollution substantially before 2030.

For two years, landings after 11 p.m have no longer been allowed. The airport also tackles air pollution itself. For example, pushback vehicles, baggage pullers and aircraft stairs operate on electricity. Before, they used to run on diesel. By 2030, everything that is still diesel-powered must be electric. The airport also wants to generate more energy itself and use sustainable electricity generated in the area.

To reduce noise and emissions, a trial was recently started in which aircraft taxi on one engine. In addition, the airport is committed to mixing kerosene with sustainable fuel.

Source: Omroepbrabant
Translated by: Yawar Abbas

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