The ‘Shit Show’ at DDW: ‘Our poop can save the world’

The Shit Show at DDW
Photo credit: Studio040/Maury Senden

The moment designer Fides Lapidaire found out that poop can make the world a more sustainable place, she set to work on this discovery herself. She collected people’s feces and then converted it to compost. The compost was used to grow vegetables, which were made into a meal.

That meal is a sandwich with humus and beets. Lapidaire is in her own food truck this week on Ketelhuisplein at Strijp-S. During Dutch Design Week, she will show what can be done with human poop. Most of the ingredients she uses are grown in a special garden. This garden is not fertilised with animal manure, but with that of herself and other people who donate their feces.

‘Poop sandwich’
Next to the food truck, the doors of the toilet-house are wide open. Here is the friendly request to DDW visitors to run an errand. Not everyone is immediately eager to sink their teeth into the innovative piece of bread. “I think it’s weird. Because it comes from ourselves and now I’m eating it. That’s just weird”, one young visitor says.

Passersby think it is a bit funny, but they like the initiative. Many of them did not know that human poop can make food more sustainable.

On Thursday, Lapidaire’s new documentary will premiere at the Natlab. The film shows the entire process: from the moment the feces is collected, to eating a ‘poop sandwich’. The goal is to make this way of providing food more debatable.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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