Stone marten threatens poultry and guinea pigs in Gestel

Stone marter in Gestel
Photo credit: Pixabay/Studio040

Eindhoven Facebook users wonder what predator keeps stepping in to bite their chickens to death. A fox perhaps? Or something else after all? “Unfortunately there are martens walking around in Gestel”, Maureen H writes.

A cry for help from Loes W., a Facebook user who lives near Franz Leharplein. “My three chickens were bitten to death last night by a predator. (…) Now I wonder, if there are people who have seen martens or weasels walking in our neighbourhood”.

The post generates as many as fifty comments in the Facebook group ‘What’s happening in Gestel’. Several people appear to have seen stone martens.

“Unfortunately there are martens walking around Gestel”, Maureen H agrees.. “I live in Genderbeemd myself. They killed all my chickens a few months ago. Look under the hood of your car, they like to sit there too”. A woman from Kreeftstraat reports that all her guinea pigs died this way. Stone martens have also been seen on Schubertlaan, around Kastelenplein, on Peter van Anrooylaan, Brahmslaan, Offenbachlaan and Lassusstraat. (Nobody gets him, a resident of the latter street reports). One resident of Hanevoet managed to photograph a stone marten hiding under her car. Behind the wheel, if you look very closely, you can see the small head.

Crossing fox

Three members of the Facebook group report a fox within the suburban area. Hannie didn’t know what she saw when she saw a fox walking across Anton Coolenlaan from Genneper Park toward Tongelreep swimming pool. “I was so surprised I didn’t believe it. I was on my bike and stopped and the fox looked back too. And that in the middle of the city”. Eindhoven resident Fred S. even managed to capture one on the grounds of ice sports center Anton Coolenlaan.

Because the stone marten has been a protected species since 1974, the animal may not be killed, trapped or driven away. The website of the Dierenbescherming (society for the protection of animals) offers tips on how to keep the animal out despite this.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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