Voedselbank gets 10 households more per week

Photo credit: Studio040

Now that there are less stringent conditions for participation in the Voedselbank (food bank), about ten additional households a week sign up in Eindhoven. So far, the organisation is managing to give everyone a package, although the situation is becoming “increasingly worrisome”.

The Voedselbank Eindhoven currently helps about 600 families in need. In mid-September, the threshold for participation was lowered and from that point on, some twenty additional households have signed up.

It is not a given that enough is delivered each week to provide all participants with a package. “Suppliers often give what they have; sometimes that is a lot and sometimes nothing for a while”, chairman Rob Baken says. “The amount we get in varies quite a bit. Production processes are also being tightened up because, for example, companies themselves are paying attention to food waste”.

The Voedselbank therefore continues to look for new ways to track food waste ‘in the chain from farm to fork’. All help is welcome.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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