Eindhoven issues 14 permits it ‘would rather not’ have issued

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Eindhoven municipality issued just under 90 permits this year without following the correct procedure due to problems in its permits department.

This became known in September. The permits had to be issued because the municipality had let the deadline for rejecting permit applications expire.

Of the 87 permits granted, 14 are ones that the college says it would have preferred not to grant. The college writes this in a letter to the city council. These are homes in on-lot areas, on industrial estates or homes that might not have afforded an acceptable living standard.

Extra supervision

The municipality of Eindhoven says that extra attention will be paid to supervision and communication with the surrounding area at these locations. Permits for the dwellings can still be withdrawn, the municipality says. This is a possibility if safety requirements or adequate living standards are not met..

In addition, the college explains how it could have happened that the decision period for the permit application could simply expire without effective intervention. This is mainly due to internal struggles in the municipal organisation.

Too little time

For instance, more time than expected went into guiding property owners in making permit applications, a lot of applications came in all at once at the end of the transitional period. Moreover, the total number of permit applications increased by 12 per cent during the corona crisis. In the process, many people in the department left, resulting in the loss of a lot of knowledge.

Finally, the college reports that adjustments are being made in the organisation and in the processing of permit applications to avoid similar situations in the future.

Source: Studio040.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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