Unrest between PSV and FC Utrecht fans continues in the stadium

A day after the foiled fight between fans of PSV and FC Utrecht, the mutual tension was still tangible in the Philips Stadium. During the match, the accompanying supporters displayed a banner with a clear message for the PSV fans.

The banner used offensive language. The PSV supporters also made themselves heard, according to a fan who was at the 6-1 win. FC Utrecht fans were called upon not to let the canvases speak, but their fists.


A reference to the night before. Then both fan groups wanted to fight each other, but this was prevented by the police. About fifty football supporters were arrested in Best. Several batons and a knives were also seized.

To avoid escalation after Sunday afternoon’s game, home supporters on ‘west’ had to take another exit. FC Utrecht fans were also isolated. They had to leave the stadium through a double police fence.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Martijn


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