Asphalt plant De Hurk again emits too much carcinogenic benzene

Carcinogenic benzene on De Hurk
Photo credit: Studio040

Asphalt plant Eindhoven (ACE) at industrial area De Hurk is again emitting too much carcinogenic benzene. This is stated in a letter from the city government to the city council. Local residents have been very concerned about the emissions for years.

At the asphalt plant, measurements are now being taken more frequently. The reason is that the company, part of KWS Infra, overstepped before. The municipality then threatened the company with penalty payments. There are also concerns in the neighbourhood because of the emission of harmful substances such as benzene and PAHs.

In June and July, the environmental department took measurements. In June, ACE was still within the standards for benzene emissions, but not in July. In that month, more than twice as much of the carcinogen was released into the air than is allowed. There is no clear explanation yet for the exceeding.

Periodic penalty
The municipality is now imposing a penalty payment on ACE. If the plant makes another mistake, the company must pay a €10,000 fine. A new inspection will follow in November.

Odor nuisance
In addition to benzene, the city government reports that the number of reports of odor nuisance from the asphalt plant has risen sharply. Much more asphalt was produced in September and October, leading to nuisances in the neighbourhood. The inspection also confirms that there was more odor nuisance. According to the company, this is because of a big job in Limburg. The municipality has now urged ACE to do something about it with certain techniques.

Residents of ‘t Ven have been campaigning for years against the polluting industry on De Hurk. They are concerned about their health, including the emissions from ACE and recycling company Mirec. Earlier, toxicologist Jacob de Boer pointed out the dangers of benzene. If inhaled, the chemical could lead to leukemia, among other things.

Eindhoven politicians have also addressed the issue several times. Many parties do not want the polluting companies on De Hurk to be allowed to expand.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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