Summa wants to help airport avoid problems with 32 Czech workers

Eindhoven Airport: more than six million passengers this year

Summa & Bedrijf (company) Luchtvaardienstverlening is going to train 32 Czech employees to work at Eindhoven Airport this summer.

Staff shortage

The Czech workers will stay at Eindhoven Airport for three months to work at the airport. They are to work in the service provision and baggage handling areas, among other things.

This is done to prevent Eindhoven Airport from being affected by the personnel shortage. Shortages are occurring throughout the country during the summer months. Schiphol has already been confronted with the consequences. This has resulted in extraordinarily long waiting times for passengers.


Viggo, the baggage handling company, wants to prevent this situation. As a result Summa & Bedrijf – part of Summa College – will train the employees and brush up their English. During their time in Eindhoven, the Czech workers will stay in a hotel at the airport.

The arrival of the extra employees is good news for Eindhoven Airport. In recent months, the airport had to deal with long queues on several occasions due to staff shortages. So, the travellers were called upon to come to the airport three hours in advance. For fear of missing a flight, travellers even came to the airport four or five hours in advance.


Translated by : Anitha Sevugan

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