‘Milieudefensie’ wants energy storage to solve electricity problems

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A regional energy storage to solve the problems with the power grid in the region. ‘Milieudefensie’ (environmental protection) Eindhoven pleads for this in a letter to the college.

The letter appeared a day after it was announced that the power grid in the region will be closed to new power users. This was a disgrace for the administrators in the region. According to Bernard Gerard, Chairman of Milieudefensie Eindhoven, energy storage is a viable solution to power problems.

Storing energy efficiently

“By storing energy you can load the power grid more efficiently,” Gerard says. “There are many different ways to store power. You can place a large battery in the region, which can be used to store energy generated by the sun, or you can place a small battery in houses that can be charged. That way, fewer people have to use the regional grid at the same time.”

Different form of storage

Gerard explains that Milieudefensie does not advocate one single storage technique. “You can also connect the heat network to the electricity network, so that you can store the electricity in heat. A chemical storage form using hydrogen is also possible, but less easy to use on a small scale. The most important thing is to have a centralised approach.”

There are plenty of initiatives in the field of energy storage, but they are small and not connected to each other. This is a shame, in the opinion of Friends of the Earth, because energy storage offers many opportunities, both for the residents of the Brainport region and for the industry present.

Financial benefit

By requiring less power from the electricity grid, households and organisations can benefit financially from energy storage. With a storage system, solar parks and wind turbines and solar panels on company roofs can also be connected more quickly, according to the environmental association.

Moreover, this could be financed by European funds or the national climate fund, according to Milieudefensie. A storage system would also have to be managed publicly or by a cooperative.

Source: Studio040.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan



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