Four Eindhoven aldermen leave, new team to be sworn in

Picture credit: Gemeente Eindhoven

The Eindhoven aldermen Marcel Oosterveer, Monique List, Yasin Torunoglu and Renate Richters will take their leave of city politics on Monday evening. The next day, their successors will be installed.

For the past 4 years

Oosterveer and List have been on the city council for the VVD for the past four years. The Liberals now have to relinquish their spot in the coalition to D66, and will therefore not be providing administrators.


Richters had already indicated that she wanted to bid farewell to local politics. She was a GroenLinks alderman for six years. Torunoglu, too, is saying goodbye, and is looking for new challenges. The four departing aldermen will take their leave on Monday evening, during a special council meeting.

Fresh blood

The following day, their successors will take over. In the new coalition of GroenLinks, CDA, D66 and PvdA, there is room for seven aldermen. They will take the oath on Tuesday evening, in the presence of the local representative body.

Rik Thijs, Samir Tour and Saskia Lammers will lead the way on behalf of the largest party, GroenLinks. Stijn Steenbakkers and Maes van Lanschot will represent the CDA, Monique Esselbrugge will represent D66 and Mieke Verhees will represent the PvdA.

The new team of aldermen can start right away. After all, the new administrative agreement, which was presented at the end of last week, is full of ambitions and intentions that need to be put into practice.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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