Traffic lights at various locations in Eindhoven improved for cyclists and pedestrians

Ten Hagestraat-Kanaalstraat intersection with the Dommel. Photo source: Studio040

The Eindhoven municipality has adjusted 17 traffic lights, thanks to some thousand tips received after a social media campaign.

In total, seventeen traffic lights were adjusted. For the traffic on the Keizersgracht the long waiting time at the intersection with the Grote Berg is reduced now. Moreover, on the west side of the Beukenlaan – Cederlaan intersection, more frequent green lights improves the situation for cyclists and pedestrians.

Cyclists are also given a longer time to cross on Noord Brabantlaan – Vander Muydenstraat, as well as on the eastern part of the Airbornelaan – Kennedylaan intersection. Pedestrians at the intersection Leenderweg – Leostraat have also been given more crossing time.

Furthermore, traffic regulations are improved for all road users at these intersections: Geldropseweg – Piuslaan, Vonderweg – Willemstraat, Churchilllaan – Genovevalaan, Hondsruglaan – Holterberglaan, Tempellaan – Antwerpenlaan, Boschdijk – Spaaihoefweg, Beemdstraat – Hurksestraat and Meerhovendreef – Sliffertsestraat.

Broken detection panels
The Municipality mentioned that in some cases there were broken detection panels. This meant that traffic was not optimally regulated. Broken panels were found at the intersection Huizingalaan – Roelantlaan – Fakkellaan and at Churchilllaan – Montgomerylaan. These have been replaced, so that the detection loops work properly again, the municipality reports.

Source: Studio040 

Translated by: Yawar Abbas

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