No more petrol at ‘cheapest’ petrol station in Brabant

Gasoline prices not down yet
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The petrol at one of the cheapest petrol stations in Brabant has run out. People who wanted to fill up their cars at the Makro in Best on Sunday evening were disappointed. It is no longer possible to refuel Euro 95. When you offer your pass, the option is crossed out. The eight pumps only offer diesel or LPG.

A lot of people must have visited the gas station this weekend, which is often the cheapest in Brabant. Thanks to the excise duty reduction of 17 cents on fuel, the price for a liter of Euro 95 dropped just below 2 euros on Friday. In the rest of our province, the price for a liter of petrol is between 2.02 and 2.26 euros.

A correspondent who was in Best on Sunday evening around eight o’clock, says that people regularly come to fill up their tanks. A motorist even came around for the second time that day. On Sunday afternoon, however, he decided to turn around when he saw the line, only to be disappointed when he returned later. Unleaded fuel had run out.

To another pump
Most motorists say they drive to another pump. Some say they will try again on Monday. The Makro in Best is an self-service petrol pump. It is not clear when the petrol will again be available. No one at the Makro could be reached for comment on Sunday evening.

source : Omroep Brabant

translated by : Vesna



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