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This year the Trudo primary school in Eindhoven celebrates its centenary, making it one of the oldest primary school in Eindhoven.

This school catered for multiple generations for families in Eindhoven, with one family whose third generation is now studying at this school. Ad Adriaans attended this primary school in the 1950’s.  Later he sent his daughter Judith to the same school, and now her son Cas is in seventh grade. “In terms of appearance, not much has changed,” says Judith, “but teaching methods have changed a lot”.

“In the past you could just get a slap,” says Ad. “That is no longer possible, it  is now illegal.” But not only are the teaching methods different, the building has also become a bigger. In the past there was not enough room for all students. The school is now a lot bigger and there is room for all 240 students.

A lot has changed over the years. The school survived the second world war.  “The school was even occupied by the Germans, and then used by the Allies,” says headmistress Kirsten Tijssens. The centennial is celebrated extensively this year.  The mayor will visit in April and in June there will be a reunion for all former pupils of Trudo primary school.

Source: studio 040

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