Fries and snacks for refugees: ‘It’s amazing how busy it is’

Picture credit : Pixabay

Franky van Hintum from Franky’s Fish and Chips in Eindhoven is currently frying chips and snacks for refugees at the Polish-Ukrainian border. He has been working hard for five days to provide everyone with croquettes and frikandels. “It is extremely busy here.”

Help at the border

Van Hintum left for the border because his in-laws are in hiding in Kiev. “Before the war, they didn’t want to come to the Netherlands. Now it’s too late and unfortunately, they are still in Kiev.” Van Hintum did not want to stay at home and felt the urge to help Ukrainians who were able to flee. ”We drove to the border with the chip truck and were able to start frying immediately.”

Dutch Fries

Dutch fries are doing well with the Ukrainian refugees. “It is really unimaginable. Yesterday we fried more than 520 kilos of fries. So although the stock is going quickly, there is still enough to throw in the grease.

Aviko delivers new fries every day. We’ve also brought a lot of snacks ourselves. So the stock is fine.” Van Hintum hopes that other chip fryers will follow his initiative.

Not going home yet

Yet van Hintum is not planning to go home just yet. “We have more than enough stock. So if we leave, it will not be because of that.”

A possible departure could occur because of the continuous hard work. ”There are only two of us in the van so it is really hard work.” But as long as they can continue to help the refugees, they want to stay longer. “Because they really need the help here.”

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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