Tom Cat Charlie trapped in chimney for 24 hours rescued in Eindhoven

At cat in someone's back garden in Tivoli. Photo credit: Pleun Wolters/Studio040

Tom Cat Charlie, who was trapped in a chimney of a house in the center of Eindhoven for about 24 hours, has regained his freedom after a sensational rescue operation by the fire brigade on Monday evening. 

Charlie’s owner became worried when he had not seen his pet for an unusually long time. He suspected that the cat was somewhere in or around the house, but the exact spot was not clear. So he decided to call in the help of the fire brigade.

First, a firefighter went up. Using a searchlight, he searched all the cracks and niches on the roofs from the aerial platform and spotted Charlie in a narrow chimney. A first attempt to lure the cat with a box full of treats failed. A second attempt, this time with the owner on the aerial platform, also went wrong. A fishing pole with loop turned out to be a size too big for the narrow chimney.

After an hour with a smaller catch pole, Charlie finally managed to get out of his predicament. With a loop around its neck, the pet was quickly pulled up from the chimney and carried to ground level by its slightly embarrassed owner.

Source: Omroepbrabant

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