Eindhoven ends collaboration with architect Winy Maas

Image courtesy: MVRDV Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries and Studio 040

Winy Maas, supervisor of the urban development in the city center of Eindhoven, has retired from that position.  Kees Christiaanse, the architect responsible for the railway station area development, is also reaching the end of his employment. The municipality has announced that it is looking for a new architect for the city center.

A new phase in the development of the city center and the station area calls for a new architect, the council says. The council expresses its appreciation for the achievements of both Maas and Christiaanse. “As supervisor of the Station Area, Mr. Christiaanse has given an enormous boost to the potential of the Station Area for 20 years, resulting in a vision for the Fellenoord area,” the municipality writes about Christiaanse. “A new city within Eindhoven with the appearance of a metropolis where many functions such as living, business, mobility, relaxation and retail are combined with high-quality public space.”

Christiaanse’s role as architect will continue for some time. Plans for the south side of the track – District E and Lichthoven – are nearly complete. Those plans will be finalized together with Christiaanse. A new architect is being sought for the redevelopment of Fellenoord , the plans for which are also Christiaanse’s. Incidentally, the Municipal Executive has announced that both Maas and Christiaanse will continue to be involved as architects in the developments in the city center in the future.

For Eindhoven, the search for a new master builder is in full swing. It is unclear when the new master builder will be appointed.

Source : studio040.nl

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