Storm Eunice on its way, will cause severe wind and troubles: Weerplaza

Fire services get 200 calls due to storm
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Storm Eunice will cause severe wind gusts and many problems in Brabant on Friday. That’s what meteorologist Raymond Klaassen of Weerplaza predicts. “I warn the people of Brabant: take this seriously. According to Klaasen, Eunice is “different ” than Dudley, which also caused a lot of damage. The KNMI issued code orange as of three o’clock Friday afternoon.

“Trees will blow down, roof tiles will fly off. I also expect a lot of problems on the road: people should definitely not drive with empty trailers. This weather is totally unsuitable for that.”

Klaassen continues: “Eunice is a very strong storm. I, therefore, ask the journalists: make it clear to the public that Eunice is fiercer than Dudley.”

Storm Dudley

Storm Dudley also caused storm damage in several places in the province. According to Klaassen, that damage will be greater by Eunice Friday afternoon.
The KNMI has now issued code orange for Friday afternoon. The warning applies from three o’clock in the afternoon until eight o’clock in the evening. Weerplaza does not exclude that this also can be code red.

Friday afternoon Eunice will move over to the country. “Most of the wind will be near the coastal areas and in the north, but Brabant is definitely going to feel that. The peak of the storm is for Brabant sometime in the second half of the afternoon,” Klaassen says.
“It will persist into the night.”

The wind force across Brabant will be 7. That’s wind gusts of 80 to 100 kilometers per hour. In the western part of the province, the wind force can possibly be 8, with wind gusts of over 100 kilometers per hour.

“The weather does become slightly less severe towards evening, but the storm will persist into the night on Friday.”


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