Eindhoven takes measures for storm Eunice

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Storm Eunice, which enters Dutch territory this afternoon around 2 p.m. Eindhoven reacts accordingly. Schools close earlier, the NS stops the timetable at 2 p.m. and bus operator Hermes also takes delays into account. 


Several schools have announced that they will close their doors early. Lorentz Casimir College closes at 1:00 PM. Also, Eckard College and the Augustinianum stop classes at 1 pm. The Montessori College closes at 12.30 pm. The schools are doing these interventions so that their students can get home safely before the storm. Primary school umbrella organization SKPO has announced that it does not expect schools to close earlier.

Public transport
Hermes has announced that the timetable will continue for the time being, but that travellers should take delays into account. The NS has previously decided to cancel the timetable from 2 p.m. The carrier calls on travellers not to travel if possible.


Eindhoven Airport is prepared for delays, but so far the signs are favourable. The wind direction also influences the ins and outs at the airport.  “If the wind is at right angles to the runway, this can quickly affect the landing and departure of flights. At the moment the wind is right on it, so that is favourable,” said the spokesperson, who mainly advises travellers to keep an eye on the arrival and departure schedule on the website.

GGD test locations

The GGD has announced that the test locations will be closed at 11 a.m. Anyone who has an appointment after 11 a.m. will be informed by telephone by the health institution. According to GGD Brabant-Zuidoost, the test location in Helmond will remain open.

Latest Meteorological department (KNMI) alert for Noord Brabant

Weather alert -Wind gusts

Chance of very strong wind gusts of 100-120 km/h.Danger from heavy gusts of wind. Risk of falling trees and loose branches. Take measures to prevent damage or injury. Dangerous situations for traffic and water sports. Go prepared for your trip and take longer travel times into account. Follow weather reports and warnings. Please be cautious during Friday afternoon, especially between 15:00 to 20:00 hrs. However strong gusts of wind are expected until 1:00 am on Saturday.

Rest of the country

The provinces of Zeeland, South Holland, North-Holland, Friesland, Flevoland, the IJsselmeer region and the Wadden region will be faced with very heavy wind gusts of 100-120 km/h this afternoon and evening, on the coast up to 130 km/h. Code red applies from 2 p.m. (weather alarm). Code orange is in effect in the rest of the country, with the exception of the province of Limburg, here code yellow is in effect for heavy wind gusts of 75-90 km/h. Significant damage and very dangerous situations can arise from falling trees and flying objects. The wind gradually turns from southwest to west.

Source: Studio040 and KNMI

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj

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