TU/e and Differ to set up national X-ray lab

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Together with Differ (Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research), the TU/e will set up a laboratory for research using X-rays.

Material Science Research

X-rays are widely used for the study of materials. The technique makes it possible to look closely at materials, so the demand for such a laboratory is enormous. “The importance of having such a research facility in the Netherlands should not be underestimated,” says TU/e president Robert-Jan Smits.

“The demand is enormous in many fields of science. So this will help Dutch science a lot. This is particularly necessary in the field of materials for energy transition. We all need to rapidly develop energy technologies that will help keep climate change under control. This new research facility will play an important role in this,” says Smits.

Smaller and cheaper

Waiting times for similar laboratories abroad are long. The installations that are used are hundreds of metres long, expensive, and there are only ten in the whole of Europe. The installations that will be built at Differ will be a lot smaller and cheaper. So, this means that they can be used for tests over a longer period. That is impossible with the current large installations.

TU/e and Differ use a technique that was developed under the leadership of TU/e professor Jom Luiten. The laboratory should be ready for use in a few years.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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