Trial in Eindhoven: applying without a letter or CV

Job openings
Job openings, Picture credit: Pixabay

MKB Eindhoven wants to remove barriers for job seekers. The idea is to use a ‘direct interview’ button to make faster connections between company and employee.

“People can often do more than they indicate in their letter and CV,” says Eveline Meister, the director of the interest group for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the city. Due to the enormous need for labour, the organisation thinks it is a good idea to make the job application process easier.

MKB Eindhoven wants to help job seekers who, for example, have difficulty writing a letter. Also, those who do not respond to a vacancy because their CV does not sufficiently match the job description. Meister is convinced that direct social contact leads to better and faster matches between company and employee.

Direct contact button

Companies that are members of MKB Eindhoven can post vacancies on the site for free. A ‘direct interview’ button is placed next to the vacancies. The applicant presses the button and is then asked for details. Following that the company concerned will contact them.

Vacancy Cafe

Job cafes have already proven that direct social contact works well, according to the director. Here the SME interest club provides low-threshold meetings between employers and job seekers. This direct contact often leads to more matches. Due to corona, the vacancy cafes are closed. The ‘direct interview’ button should now be the alternative.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan




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