Students back to school have mixed reactions

Fontys Eindhoven
Fontys Eindhoven, Photo credit: Fontys/Studio040

With the recent changes to the corona regulations, secondary schools, colleges of higher education, and universities are allowed to open their doors again today. Institutions in Eindhoven are happy about this. “In-person education is much better for the quality of the teaching material, and for the well-being of the students,” says Ivo Jongsma, spokesman for TU/e.

“Our whole education system is based on contact between students and teachers, and goes much better and easier when lessons are given in person,” Jongsma says about education at TU/e.


Fontys University of Applied Sciences also emphasises the benefit to student welfare: “They have been sitting at home for almost two years. It is time for them to go back to school. Studying is a period in which you meet new people, and the students have not had that chance yet”, says spokesman Erwin Hoeks.

Hoeks says that today, there are already some physical lessons taking place. Every Fontys institution is doing its best to start up as soon as possible. “Opening again after a period of closure is actually not a new situation. We do have experience with hybrid education by now and this can still be offered if necessary.”

Student mixed reactions

The reactions among the students are varied. “I am really happy that I can go back to school. With online classes, I just can’t maintain my attention”, says Bo Heesakkers, a nursing student at Fontys Eindhoven. Another student from the same study program, Isabelle Ritmeester, says it doesn’t matter to her because she has to do an internship.

Nine Pouwels studies social work at the Fontys in Eindhoven. She says that her course will have another week of online lessons. “I am very disappointed about this, but luckily we will be opening next week. Personally, I like that because I have more motivation to work on school if I am actually there. Besides, I learn more from lessons if they are given in real life.”

Marlou van der Linden, who is also studying social work in Eindhoven, actually found working from home fine. “To be honest, I work better when I’m sitting at home. Then I really have to sit down and keep my head up. I also found it ideal that I had more hours in the week for my part-time job. As a student, you have to earn some money.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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