Socialist Party questions the installation of cables to mine bitcoin

SP questions the installation of cables
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The street Bretagnehof has been broken open for the installation of additional power cables. These are laid at the request of a resident who would need extra power to mine bitcoins. The Socialist Party (SP) questions the situation.

The extra power supply has been requested by a private resident of the street. But it is causing inconvenience to the whole neighborhood. Residents cannot access the garage boxes due to the broken street.

The situation has prompted SP to raise questions. The party wants to know on what consideration the permission was given for work and how the balance is made between the individual interest and the general interest.

Energy consumption
In addition, the party wonders whether the mining of bitcoins fits in with the sustainability goals of the municipality. The mining of bitcoins consumes an extraordinary amount of energy. It involves solving very complex calculations for which several specialized computers are needed.

The SP considers this activity inconsistent with the sustainability goals of the municipality.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.


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