Corona policy must change, say mayors of Brabant

Photo credit: Gemeente Eindhoven
Mayor John Jorritsma, Photo credit: Gemeente Eindhoven

The mayors of the five major cities in Brabant have strongly criticised the current corona policy. They think it should be completely different. “The logic is missing and it asks too much of citizens and municipalities”, write the mayors in a letter in De Volkskrant.

The letter was initiated by mayors Depla of Breda, and Halsema of Amsterdam. It was signed by thirty mayors from across the country. Among them are John Jorritsma of Eindhoven, Jack Mikkers of Den Bosch, Theo Weterings of Tilburg, and Han van Midden van Roosendaal.

Unpredictable Policy

The mayors believe that the policy imposed by the government is unpredictable. It causes people to lose faith in the administration. Convincing people of the necessity for the measures with a firm hand is pointless, the mayors say. “A government that oppresses its people comes up against its own people.”

If people themselves see that the corona measures are necessary, then they will adhere to the policy voluntarily. However, as people see the fall in the number of hospital admissions and the neighbouring countries easing up the rules, many no longer see the need. The fear of the coronavirus is waning, so the motivation to follow the rules is also less.

Long term solutions

The fact that a number of politicians themselves ignore the corona rules makes enforcement more difficult. The mayor asks the government for a long-term perspective. The rules need to be predictable, logical, and reasonable. Furthermore, the enforcement of those rules needs to be fairer.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani



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