Primary school De Springplank in Eindhoven still closed due to corona outbreak

Closure of Primary school a possibility again
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Primary school De Springplank in Eindhoven is still closed after an outbreak of the coronavirus.

So far, more than 70 students and four teachers are infected with COVID-19 virus from an outbreak one week ago at the primary school in Eindhoven. The numbers may rise even further. The school will remain closed for at least one more week, says the director, Michelle Evers. She is afraid that there are even more infections at the school in the Genderbeemd district. The director mentioned that many corona test results have not yet been received since many children were tested on Monday, which was on the fifth day of their quarantine.

Evers is pleased that parents respond understandingly to the difficult situation at the primary school. “They understand that this is not the desired situation for us either. A week is manageable for them. But if it takes longer, that also raises concerns concerning their work. So hopefully this is the peak and the situation will get better soon”, says the director.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Yawar Abbas


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