‘Municipality should discuss with ASML on discrimination’ during selection process

Photo credit: ASML

Municipality of Eindhoven should discuss with ASML to avoid discrimination in the selection process, says councillor Adem Topdag of DENK. Last year, the chip machine manufacturer rejected a Syrian refugee by appealing to American export restrictions. The political party wants measures to prevent further discrimination.

The Syrian refugee Farid (not his real name) did not get the job that ASML offered him after an application procedure of six months. At the last minute, the personnel department saw that his nationality was on the US ‘black list’. Farid would be working with sensitive technology, which the US wants to keep out of the hands of people from so-called rogue states.

Unacceptable, says the DENK leader. Skilled workers are badly needed in the Brainport region and Eindhoven wants to be an inclusive, caring, and safe city. People should be judged on their qualities and not on the place where they were born.

Therefore, he calls on the municipality to have a discussion with ASML to raise the issue of discrimination. If the company continues to use the export restrictions, Topdag asks whether the municipality is prepared to take measures. He also suggested that the alderman raise the issue with the minister so that the situation can be addressed on a national level.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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