Fake designer clothes shop discovered in hair salon

Fake designer clothes in a hair salon in Eindhoven, Picture credit: Facebook Politie Eindhoven

Following a tip-off, police discovered a fully equipped shop selling counterfeit branded clothing in the back of hairdressing salon on the Kruisstraat in Eindhoven. The clothes were confiscated and the owner of the shop will have to answer for his actions, the police announced Sunday evening.

The report about the fake clothing being sold in the hair salon came to the police last week. Two officers decided to pay the salon a visit.

Atmosphere changed

“The staff stopped cutting and looked in my direction in surprise,” says officer Jens, who is bald. “Now I have to say that this is the general reaction when I enter a hair salon with my ‘already cut hair’, but OK.”

When he told the staff he was there in connection with the sale of illegal counterfeit clothing, the atmosphere immediately changed. “I had to go outside because they had absolutely no counterfeit brand clothing,” he said.

The officer was not fooled by this. He decided to take a look around the hair salon. “At the very back of the salon, we found a fully equipped shop,” the officer says. “There was quite a lot of clothing. All kinds of brands: Fila, Adidas, Nike, D&G, Philipp Plein, and so on.”

Cheap fabrics, skewed fit

The staff assured the agent that it was all original brand clothing. A specialist was then called in, who determined that it was fake. “Cheap fabrics, skewed fit. The stitching was so bad that by the time you would have arrived at the Woenselse Markt, you would be walking in your underpants.”

Selling counterfeit branded clothing is punishable in the Netherlands. The police find it even more annoying that customers were convinced that they were buying discounted brand clothing.

Source: Omroep Brabant 

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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