Tougher measures to tackle Corona

Tougher measures to tackle Corona
Photo Credit: Nederland, Den Haag, Mark Rutte, Minister-president, minister van Algemene Zaken.

The outgoing cabinet confirms that there will be an evening lockdown starting Sunday. At a press conference on Friday evening, Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge said that the measure will apply for at least three weeks. These measures are intended to slow down the number of new infections and the number of hospitalisations.

The evening lockdown applies to, among others:

Hospitality: cafes and restaurants must close at five in the evening.
Non-essential stores: this also applies to hairdressers.
Culture: cinemas, theaters, museums, amusement parks, they all have to close at five o’clock.
Sports: Gyms must close at five o’clock. All evening training sessions and matches at amateur sports clubs must cancel.

There is an exception for so-called essential stores, such as supermarkets, drugstores, pharmacies and gas stations. Take-away restaurants and bars will remain possible and they can also deliver. Professional sports matches can also continue after five o’clock, but without an audience.

Face masks at schools
Students from grade six onwards in primary school must wear face masks in the corridor at school. This also applies to students in secondary school. Teachers and children as young as grade six must take a self-test twice a week. But, the schools will remain open.

Tougher measures to Tackle Corona
Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann,

Obligatory 1,5 meter distance and face masks
Mandatory 1,5 meter distance and mandatory wearing of a face mask is applicable in places where until now only a corona check app was sufficient. This includes, the hospitality industry, the theater and the zoo. This will reduce the capacity of many locations.

No cuddling with grandparents
The outgoing Prime Minister Rutte urged the 70-plussers to have as little contact as possible with their grandchildren. He also calls to keep Sinterklaas parties as small as possible and for all participants to self-test.

Working from home and visiting
Work at home as much as possible, unless there is no option. Receive only up to four people over the age of 13 at your home and visit only one household. The advice is to do a self-test before you visit.

The new measures are in effect through December 18. The situation will be reassessed on Tuesday, December 14.


Translated and written by Chaitali Sengupta


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