Eindhoven Central station testing the ‘minute counter’

NS train
Photo credit: Studio040

The NS has started testing the so-called ‘minute counter’ to allow train passengers to see the exact time remaining before the train leaves.

The test is being carried out to see whether this extra information on train departure helps the travellers. Moreover, the NS also wanted to see whether trains can run more punctually by ensuring a smoother boarding. If this test is successful, NS will explore the possibility of implementing this counter nationwide. The test will last a month. The minute counter is installed at platform 4 of Eindhoven Central station. Other than Eindhoven, the NS is also testing the ‘minute counter’ at Den Bosch train station.

At the platform signs, the counter counts down from 5 minutes and on the signs at the escalator, the count down is from 7 minutes, according to the NS. Moreover, 59 seconds before the scheduled departure, the platform counter will display zero.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translation: Yawar Abbas

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