Debit card fraudsters target young and old with ‘spoofing’

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Photo credit: Gerd Altmann (Pixabay)

Last year, bank card fraudsters looted millions from account holders. Bureau Brabant shows 5 of these fraudsters in their broadcast on Monday. They targeted victims in Tilburg, Raamsdonksveer, Bergeijk, Eindhoven and Casteren. Each time thousands of euros were withdrawn from the accounts. The police think that the fraudsters belong to a larger group.

The elderly are often the victims of ‘spoofing’. It is done so cunningly that young people can also fall for it. The victim is called by a supposed employee of the bank. Often, the telephone number of the bank in question is even correct. The victim is then told that money is currently being withdrawn from the account or that the account has been hacked.

Appears convincing

The caller often also knows personal details, such as the last few digits of the account number or date of birth. This makes the caller sound very convincing. The victim is asked for the PIN number so that the account can be blocked immediately. A colleague later comes to collect the card, which may even be cut in half.

In Bureau Brabant, it is shown how the swindler goes about his work and lures the victim into his trap. The police show five men who used the victims’ bank cards to withdraw cash. The police suspect that the perpetrators belong to a larger network of fraudsters. Anyone who recognises one or more of the fraudsters can contact the police.


Translation: Anitha Sevugan

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