“Unmute Us” protest march in Eindhoven carried out peacefully

Protest march
Protest March picture credit : Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

Mayor Jorritsma, the police, and the Public Prosecutor are pleased with the course of the “Unmute Us” protest march. This was carried out peacefully in Eindhoven city centre this Saturday. During the demonstration, in which about 7,500 demonstrators took part, no incidents occurred. However, there was a short period of traffic disruption in several places.

Announcement from Municipality of Eindhoven

The thousands of demonstrators came together to show their dissatisfaction with how the government deals with the events and cultural industry. According to the participants, double standards are applied. Formula 1 is allowed, but festivals are not. That is a thorn in the side of many of the participants. That is why there were demonstrations, in the hope that the cabinet will give events and festivals free rein again.

The protest went well, the ‘triangle’ says. However, there was one point of criticism. “This manifestation has brought many people to their feet in our city and other places. In Eindhoven, the participants expressed their objections to the social restrictions imposed by Covid-19 in a loud but peaceful manner. But it is still government policy that hygiene regulations must be adhered to. Unfortunately, this was not the case this afternoon. Nevertheless, compliments to the organization for the orderly course of the demonstration”, said mayor John Jorritsma on behalf of the ‘triangle’ after the protest march.

Source: studio040.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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