Alternative for Valkenswaard flower parade – world opens up again!

Flower parade
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The fourteen floats of the Valkenswaard flower parade, which were scattered around the village, attracted a lot of attention this weekend. Because of corona, there has been no parade for the floats for two years now. Nevertheless, this year the parade blossomed again.

The world opens up, is the theme of the neighbourhood Stadse Bergen. After corona, the world is slowly starting to move again. This is represented by an enormous display and a kind of mini-theatre performance. The spectators frequently make films and photographs and applaud profusely. There is plenty of enthusiasm in the audience. “This is something different,” is a comment often heard.

Alternative for flower parade

Enthusiasm or not, the wagon builders would have preferred a parade, says Erik Faasen of the Stadse Bergen hamlet. However, he does understand why this has not happened. “There has been consultation with the float builders and I thought this was a good alternative.” What he misses is the excitement. “Driving out of the tent, the parade, everything going well … you miss that.”

“I say: rather the corsovirus than the coronavirus,” says mayor Anton Ederveen about the alternative parade (corso). “It is a very nice format with a great result and people enjoy it”, says the mayor. “This is Valkenswaard at its best. But next year we will have the parade again with moving floats. I am looking forward to it!”

Public bonding

Enthusiasm about the alternative parade is also shared by Monique Arts from Valkenswaard marketing, the club that promotes Valkenswaard. “I think it will be just as busy as usual, only the event lasts two days and the floats are spread out, so you experience it differently”. She calls the set-up ‘super fun’.

“Because it is a full weekend, and there are objects on which you can actually take a photo. You don’t have that with a parade, so there is more of a bond with the public now.”

That bond with the public can be seen, for example, on the Market Square. There, people can have their picture taken in front of the float, which has a real photographer. It is very popular. “Valkenswaard, too beautiful to be captured”, is the appropriate title of the structure of the neighborhood Kompas.

Evolution due to corona

The parade may take a different form in the future. It could be held on Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps the corona woes will also lead to a renewal of the event. They will talk about that in Valkenswaard after the flower parade.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan



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