Sustainable packaging company to open Eindhoven location

Pollution plastic waste
Picture credit : Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

The American company Footprint is opening an Eindhoven branch at the Brainport Industries Campus. This innovative company makes sustainable packaging as an alternative to disposable plastic.

Footprint operates worldwide and is starting up a research branch in Eindhoven, with an innovation centre and laboratory. Sustainable packaging is expected to be developed further there. The packaging materials are based on vegetable and degradable fibres as raw materials.

The European Union wants to ban many single-use plastics. They want to implement this to prevent unnecessarily large waste mountains and to ensure that fewer environmentally polluting plastics end up in nature. Going green is more essential in today’s world. A sustainable alternative is therefore desirable.

Footprint is a major player in the sustainable products sector, with branches in Asia, the United States, Mexico, and Europe. The company employs 1500 people in total. It is hoped that the new branch of the company builds on its success in reducing environmental pollution with sustainable alternatives.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan



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