Unemployment number reaches a decade low

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While the hospitality industry struggles with a shortage of people, the number of vacancies in the transport and logistics sector is also increasing.  

The rapidly growing tech sector in Eindhoven is feeling a shortage in the workforce. This was already the situation before the corona crisis. According to a chief economist at the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), “the population of the city is aging much faster than the growth of its labour force”.

Additionally, the lack of students across the different education levels adds to the employment shortage. “Previously, there was insufficient personnel at the higher professional education (HBO) and university levels. This is quickly expanding to the mid-level (MBO) study as well”, says a representative from the employee insurance agency (UVW).

The closure of the hospitality industry during the corona crisis poses a different challenge. Much of its employees were forced to look for work outside the industry and, continue to work at alternate professions.

The UVW proposes a few strategies to tackle this situation. Companies could consider employing young people and students. The catering industry could continue sourcing its workers from abroad. “As a last option, the retraining assistance of the UVW can be made available. This is mainly offered for people who have a profession that now requires less personnel”.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha

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