Floraplein Fountain defective again: 50Plus asks question

Floraplein Eindhoven
Photo credit: Studio040

50Plus has asked council questions about the fact that the fountain on Floraplein seems to be defective again.

“There has been no working fountain for weeks,” the party begins in its message to the council. After questions from residents, 50Plus wants to know how it is possible that there is a defect almost every year during the period that the fountain has to work.

Indeed, it is far from the first time that the fountain does not spray water. The fountain, which for many residents is the first greeting when they come home to their city, often has problems.

50Plus, therefore, wants to know why and who is responsible for it. The faction also wants to know when the fountain will be operational again.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translation by: Hang Vu.

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