Drink-driving accident in Bladel: five young occupants injured

Drunk Driving
Photo credit: Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Five occupants of a car were injured in a serious drink-driving accident on the Gozelinusbocht in Bladel on Sunday (15th August) night. Three victims were rushed to the hospital. The driver of the car had drunk too much, according to the police. Bystanders talk about five young people who were in the car.

Enormous blow

Around a quarter to one on Sunday night, the driver lost control of the car. He then hit a fence and a parked car. This must have happened with an enormous impact. According to bystanders, the parked car that was hit shifted three parking spaces due to the impact. It was also completely smashed up at the front, just like the car in which the youths were sitting.

Drink and drive

According to the police, a breathalyser test taken by the driver of the car showed that he had drunk seven times the permitted amount of alcohol. It concerns a beginner driver. He was asked to hand in his driving license and was also taken to the hospital for further treatment. Out of the 5 occupants, three occupants were seriously injured and were also taken to the hospital for further treatment. The police also stated that no other road users were involved in the accident.

All-night investigation

The ambulance was called immediately to the accident scene and the injured occupants were taken to the hospital following first aid. A trauma helicopter was also called in but it did not land. Traffic specialists from the police have been investigating the accident site all night.

Source: Omroepbrantbrant.nl

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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