Jorritsma apologises and promises to leave the bus lane

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Eindhoven mayor Jorritsma promises to stop using the bus lane with his official car, after all the fuss that has arisen about this.

Jorritsma will only make an exception in strictly necessary cases, such as crises or calamities. Then his official car, an Audi e-tron, can appear on the bus lane.

Jorritsma says in a letter to the city council that he is sorry. “I regret the unrest that has arisen. This is not in the interest of the city and does not leave me untouched. That is why I have decided to be even more explicit about using the bus lane only in strictly necessary cases.” The mayor has now instructed officials to have an exemption granted for the use of the bus lane adjusted.


This week there is a lot of commotion and media attention for that arrangement, and Jorritsma’s behaviour. Bus drivers honked at the mayor’s official car as it drove down the bus lane. This led to annoyance with the mayor. He complained to Hermes. Drivers were then told that they were no longer allowed to sound the horn to the mayor.

Jorritsma’s action sparked outrage on social media. Many people stated that this makes him feel superior to others. The municipality defended the exemption: it is practical for Jorritsma to get from a to b quickly, and that the bus lane is handy.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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