City supervisor must stay ’til year’s end

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Photo Credit: Chaitali Sengupta, Eindhoven News

The Eindhoven city council wants Winy Maas to remain city centre supervisor until the end of the year. In those extra six months, Maas can’t accept any new architectural commissions in the city centre.

Maas had previously been discredited for his double role as inner-city supervisor. He is, in fact, also involved as an architect in several large construction projects in the city centre. These include the renovation of De Heuvel and the redesign of Stadhuisplein.

This double role won’t end immediately. However, the city council wants to tighten the conditions under which Maas performs his role as city centre supervisor. For instance, he may not accept any new architectural commissions.

Condition not originally met

When Maas was appointed as supervisor in 2017, this condition wasn’t met. When his contract was extended in 2019, it was tightened up to one or two assignments.

The municipality is also taking over the supervisor’s role for the projects Maas is working on as an architect. The city urban planner will take over his role in those cases. The council says the Commissie Ruimtelijke Kwaliteit (Spatial Quality Committee) will also step in earlier. It will be more involved in supervision.

Finally, the city council says it wants to work towards a single supervisor for the entire centre. There are currently three. In addition to Maas, Adriaan Geuze is the supervisor for the Emmasingelkwadrant and Kees Christiaanse for Knoop XL.

The idea behind having only one supervisor is to speed up the decision-making process. That’s for the various redevelopment projects in the city centre.


Translated by: Bob

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