Cheapest (200K) house in Eindhoven for sale, but nobody wants it

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The cheapest house in Eindhoven at the moment has four walls and a roof on top. That’s about it. Nevertheless, the house in this popular city is asking for €200,000. A real estate agency in Eindhoven placed the cheapest house on an online bidding site, similar to Holiday Auctions for houses.

The terraced house in the Gestel district was built in 1947 and has a living space of 69 square meters. The house has three bedrooms and a garden. But there is no central heating. “This DIY home needs some love to turn it into a nice and attractive home again.”, says the selling broker of real estate agency Debbie Mels Lommers Makelaars.

“This is really a setback.”

The digital gates opens at 4:30 on Tuesday. The broker is expecting a bunch of “hungry” potential buyers awaiting behind their laptops. They only have half an hour to bid. However, minutes passed without any movement. As time goes by, thoughts wave in: who would strike? Is it the starter with the small purse or the large investor who wants to make more money quickly? With a few minutes remaining, the thoughts change to be: would anyone even come up with an offer at all?

Silence remains. The starter with a small purse or the wealthy investor does not seem to be interested in this snack. “This is really a setback.” The broker can only guess at the cause. “Maybe it was a combination of the type of house, the condition it is in and the price.”

The broker does not know how to proceed now. “We have to go back to our customer and then come up with a new plan of action.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Shufei

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