Special cubs born in Dierenrijk in Mierlo

Two fox cubs are born in Mierlo Dierenrijk
Photo Credit: Newly born Steppe foxes, Studio040

For the first time in eight years, cubs have been born to the foxes at Dierenrijk in Mierlo. It concerns two cubs. The sex of the cubs is not yet known. The zoo announced this on Friday.

It is a special event because only five steppe foxes were born worldwide last year. In October of last year, Dierenrijk received a new male steppe fox and it provided the offspring. “He quickly felt at home with us, the fact that he has provided offspring so quickly. That is a good sign and we are therefore very happy with our two foxes,” says head of animal care Stephan Rijnen.

At the moment, the young steppe foxes show themselves every now and then from the den that was dug by their mother before giving birth. Rijnen says: “They will leave the den in a few weeks. As of May 19, when the park re-opens, you can see them.”

Source: omroepbrabant.nl

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