Man was justifiably shot for brandishing knife

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Last year, police shot a man for waving a knife at Lichtplein in Eindhoven. From the investigation by the criminal police, it appears that the police had acted lawfully.  The Public Prosecutor’s Office will therefore not prosecute the officer.

The shooting of the man was filmed and broadcasted in the popular RTL program Bureau 040. Many people were therefore able to see the situation with their own eyes.
The police did not rule out it to be Terrorist act.

It took place in the center of Eindhoven. The man had two knives with him and had shouted “Jihad! Therefore an act of terrorism could not be excluded, writes the Public Prosecutor.

The man did not listen to the police who frequently shouted that the man should drop his knives. He also did not respond to warning shots. “The man’s unaccountable behavior made the application of other means of force unrealistic in this situation,” the prosecutor says.

The officer shot the man twice in his legs. He was then able to be apprehended. “The prosecutor concludes that there are no grounds to prosecute the officer.” The man survived the shooting.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta


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