City centre overcrowded on Saturday

Photo credit: Studio040

On Saturday, people flocked to Eindhoven’s shopping areas and cafes.

Despite several crowd regulation measures, the municipality had to call it a day in certain parts on late Saturday afternoon. For all the visitors, it was a much-awaited moment of relaxation. The need to spread themselves across tables or wait over 30 minutes to enter the stores was taken positively.

“It’s crazy but nice that it’s possible again,” said a father shopping with his daughter. According to the ‘city host’ coordinator, there were around 2.000 people around in the peak afternoon. Nonetheless, he admitted that it was a pleasantly busy day.


One of the measures implemented by the municipality is to have ‘city hosts’ walking around. Their primary role is to address people on social distancing behaviour. These enforcers clearly saw it was impossible to maintain a safe distance.

The incorrect crowd meter, however, still gave a green signal. This gave people the impression that it was sage to visit the city centre.

Sources: omroepbrabant and Studio040

Translator: Seetha

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