Not the money but the atmosphere is important for these street musicians

Guitar case
Photo credit: Pixabay

Street musicians Theo and Michiel from Eindhoven are dealing with a sharp drop in sales, but staying at home isn’t in their minds.

Theo Vuurden travels the whole country with his guitar and his dog Paco to play on the streets. He clearly notices that the shopping public stays away for the most part: there are only a few coins in his guitar case. He estimates the drop in turnover to be about 80%.

His colleague Michiel Walter is also having a hard time in terms of income. Before the pandemic, he considered quitting his part-time job because playing in the street earned pretty well. But now, he needs the job as a postal worker to ensure a stable financial situation.

The two musicians will continue to play, even if the people stay away from the city centre for a while. Money isn’t the most important thing for either of them. Bringing a nice atmosphere to the streets is. “If I can put a smile on people’s faces, for me, the day is already successful, and I’m happy,” says Michiel.


Translated by: Bob

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