Bright snow showers for 15 minutes

Sudden snow showers in Brabant
Photo credit: Snow on leaves,, Anastasia Gepp

Tuesday morning started with thick snow flakes falling over Eindhoven. It was quite a local phenomena, this short snow shower. It was carried by air coming from the North Pole. 

Weather forecaster Wouter van Bernebeek from Weerplaza enthusiastically explained, “We’re going to see more of these isolated snow showers in the province on Tuesday.”
The type of air we’re dealing with right now has come all the way along Denmark and Northern parts, across the North Sea, in our direction. And that’s where typically bright, localized snow showers hail from.” Around eight o’clock, a small pocket such like that, caused a tiny flash winter. It was over soon in the blink of an eye.

“In a short time, such a shower can produce one and a half centimeters of snow. And then the temperature drops significantly for a while. As soon as the shower stops, the temperature rises again. Then the snow is gone almost as quickly as it came.” With a degree of five, six it is for chilly for the time of year.

The snow shower left Eindhoven and headed southeast. Geldrop and Someren also briefly felt like they were in a glass snow globe.

Van Bernebeek explains that over several places in Brabant, some snow showers can happen. And, he continues: “Wednesday morning between five and seven o’clock it may start snowing a bit longer, in the eastern part of Brabant. Here and there, people might wake up to a white world.”


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta who also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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