Vehicle break-ins decreased significantly over the last year

Photo credit: Pixabay

Vehicle break-ins in the Eindhoven area have dropped sharply over the last year compared to other Brabant municipalities.

Figures from Independer, a comparison website for, among other things, insurance and mortgages, highlighted the decrease.

In total there were 345 fewer vehicle break-ins around Eindhoven. Geldrop-Mierlo saw the biggest increase, with 65 more break-ins over the last year.

The ongoing pandemic measures seem to have had a strong influence on this, with a similar trend seen throughout Noord-Brabant.

Although break-ins decreased compared to 2019, non-lockdown months actually saw an increase of about 7 percent. This trend continued in Eindhoven, with a sharp decline during lockdown months and an increase outside of those months.

Source: Studio040

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