The falcons have returned to breed

Peregrine falcon
A Peregrine falcon. Photo credit: Pixabay

It’s been six years since Peregrine falcons started nesting in one of Eindhoven’s church towers.

Now, their breeding season has started again. These birds of prey have laid their first two eggs in Catharina Church’s south tower. Two more should follow, at a different location, this week.

According to Eindhoven.peregrines, a pair of these raptors has been breeding in the heart of Eindhoven since 2011. Until 2014, their nest was in the Technical Services’ building. In those four years, they hatched ten chicks.

Need new home

But, that building was then demolished and rebuilt. The falcons needed a new home. So, in early 2015, a nest box was placed in the church’s south tower.

Two months later, the peregrine falcons moved in. Since then, they have been nesting there successfully. Evoluon also has a nest box. A second pair of falcons have used this site since 2015. 

Webcams have been installed at the Evoluon nesting site. You can watch the falcons’ comings and goings at Evoloun here and in the church tower, here. That’s via an online stream.

Sources: Studio40 and Evoluon.peregrines

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven


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