Protest for higher minimum wage

Increasing minimum wages
Photo Credit:, Niek Verlaan

On the Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven, there will be a demonstration on Wednesday for a higher minimum wage. Trade union FNV and action group ‘Eindhoven for 14’ want local politicians to increase the pressure in The Hague to make this possible.

Making ends meet
One of the activists of ‘Eindhoven voor 14’ is Cees van de Ven: “The problem of not being able to make ends meet does not lie with the people who earn the minimum wage. They work hard and make a crucial contribution to society. It is time for real appreciation and a livable income. So that everyone can participate fully and we no longer exclude anyone. That is why the minimum wage must be increased to 14 euros per hour.”

The activists are going to present a petition to the councillors of SP and Denk. The petition is signed by residents from the city, who believe that the minimum wage should be raised to 14 euros per hour. Next Tuesday, Denk and SP want to submit a motion. They then call on the Eindhoven city council to exert pressure in The Hague. Earlier Helmond, Tilburg and Den Bosch had already spoken out for a better salary for people at the end point of the labor market.

Last year, Eindhoven also called for an increase in the minimum wage.


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