Man drives car into house, arrested

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In what seems to be a deliberate act, a man drove a Porsche Cayenne into a house in Eindhoven. He caused significant damage to the property.

The incident happened on Fagot street in the early hours of Saturday morning. The driver ran from the scene. However, by Sunday evening, police had identified and arrested the 48-year-old suspect. By this (Monday) morning, he is still behind bars. He is said to have been charged today (Monday).

According to the police, they thoroughly searched the residence where he had fled to and found drugs. He is being interrogated, reports OmroepBrabant. Police must still determine if the car used in the attack was stolen.

Home, but not injured

The house’s occupants were at home at the time of the incident. They weren’t injured but were severely shaken. Neighbours, who wish to remain anonymous, say they witnessed everything that happened on Saturday morning.

Apparently, the suspect who slammed the car into the house is in a relationship with the woman living there. “It started with an argument between the boyfriend and a man who was visiting the woman. That escalated into quite a brawl.”

According to residents, the man left and returned in the vehicle. The neighbour saw the man ram the Porsche into the house’s fence, at high speed, a few times. He then drove into the house itself.

Not the first time

And neighbours say that this isn’t the first time there had been trouble at that house. “Some time ago, the same man jumped over the houses’ fence and started kicking the wall. He’s also hit a local resident in the face.”

According to the neighbours, there’s always something going on at that house. “Partying, boozing, and drugs. And all that in front of her children.”

The residents hope someone will do something about the situation. They’re afraid there’ll be another incident if the man is released. “We don’t think he’ll let this go.”

Source: OmroepBrabant

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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