‘Cabinet must keep its promises’

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The elections are over, so it’s back to business.

Lobbying to the new coalition to get things done has begun anew. This includes from the Brainport region. The region will be doing all it can to seal concrete deals for new investments.

The Brainport region companies, like ASML, are flourishing. But to keep it that way, the region needs the central government’s help. The Brainport National Action Agenda was the region’s agreement with the previous cabinet.

Realising the region’s worth

“Four years ago, we were still trying to convince the government of our worth,” says Paul van Nunen. He’s Brainport Development’s director. “They’ve now come to realise that extraordinary things are happening here.”

“These are resulting in things like new energy concepts and increased sustainability. These developments benefit the Netherlands as a whole.” So, the Cabinet may even need this region badly in the future.

But they’ll need reminding. That’s why having a regional representative as a member of parliament will come in handy. Daan De Kort is one such person.

He used to be a councillor in Veldhoven. Now, he’s moving up to the House of Representatives. De Kort has been involved in politics since he was 18.

One of the youngest MPs

Now in his 20s, he’s one of the youngest MPS. “I want to bring attention to young people, And to the Brainport region,” Cllr De Kort says.

The Brainport region is also expecting a lot from the new cabinet. “This region has made a name for itself there,” says Eindhoven councillor Stijn Steenbakkers. “But now [the government] has to translate [its support] into action.”

“The region has been asking the government to invest substantially in it for years. We want extra money for cultural, sports, and recreation facilities. Simply because those sectors are crucial.”

“That’s if we want to attract and retain high-tech talent to this region. But we need considerable investment in our infrastructure too. We need to keep the region accessible,” Cllr Steenbakkers concludes.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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