Area around City Hall to be greened

Photo credit: Eindhoven Media Library/Studio040

Work will start soon on a greener, more natural look for the area immediately surrounding the Eindhoven City Hall. The work should begin in mid-March.

During the redesign, the municipality will plant or sow more than 40 types and trees. The council will plant these in two areas – between the City Hall and the Designhuis and the City Hall and the Dommel river.

Eindhoven’s city centre is developing rapidly. The City Hall, too, has recently been renovated and made more sustainable. The council offices are now in the City Hall. The municipality had modified the building’s entrance too, giving it a green look. Now it’s the area around the building’s turn.

Green and attractive

The council wants this area to area to become a green, healthy one. The redevelopment will reduce the risk of flooding. It should also make the area more attractive to residents and visitors.

This plan pleases Councillor Rik Thijs. “It’s another step closer to a green city centre. Greenery is replacing paving,” he says in a statement released by the Eindhoven City Council.

The council considered several factors in choosing the correct plants. The plants are robust, hardy, and contribute to the city’s biodiversity. They will also build decking and wadis.  A wadi is a trench or ditch filled with gravel and sand.

These retain and filtrate water. People can walk on these wadis. But they can’t bear heavy weight. These paths fit in well with the kind of green area Eindhoven’s council has planned for this part of the city.

Photo credit: Jakob Strauss/Pixabay

Carnations for the veterans

They will plant a bed of carnations at the City Hall’s entrance, near the flagpoles. These are a symbol of appreciation and recognition of veterans. The National Committee of Veterans Committee was involved in this decision.

This project will cost about €500 000. That’s an UNaLab project subsidy. These are an extensive collection of EU projects. Eindhoven is one of the 28 UNaLab project partners.

The Stadhuisplein will also change in the coming years. The greening of this area is something separate.

Source: Eindhoven City Council press release

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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